Windsurfer Hydrofoils


Hydrofoils made from solid carbon fibre, allowing the windsurfer to fly clear of the waves


One thought on “Windsurfer Hydrofoils

  1. Joe Looby

    Very Cool
    You should try strapping your front foil midway on a formula board for a ‘foil assist’ system. My idea is to use a mid board foil to help the board plane earlier (4-5knots windspeed). The foil assist would only be used in marginal wind 4-9knots – otherwise the formula board is fast enough and controllable on its own.
    Even try it on your techno board to see if the board planes earlier with the mid board foil and the tail of the board planing (probably have to shorten the vertical struct on the foil).
    If it worked it would be great for formula sailing!
    Dublin, Canada


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