3D printed bowl

Inspired by the 3D printed ‘LightPoems’ on Shapeways, I’ve created a 3D printed bowl for a present for my uncle. Rather than spelling out a poem, this bowl contains the names of family members.


It was printed by “Shapeways” in their “strong black and flexible“.
It turns out the ‘black’ part of that materials name comes from the dye used, rather than it being inherent in the material. My only criticism of the print is that some small areas are slightly grey or still white. the build layers are also visible in some places, but I don’t think it spoils the bowl’s appearance.

_MG_9807 _MG_9806

As a reference point, this print is close to the  Shapeways maximum print size for black prints of 230x180x320mm?. It cost €154, which is a little expensive for a bowl but very cheap for a 3D printed part this large and hopefully will be an interesting bespoke present.



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