Self Balancing Robot


Segway-style balancing using on board sensors with remote steering

Firebox, my self balancing cardboard robot was built to provide a focus for me whilst I learnt how to use Arduino micro controllers. As such he was always intended as a prototype so is very ought put together. Despite that I think the cardboard body gives him a certain style

The main chassis is based heavily on previous robot I built quickly assess the speed and power of the motors from kids ride-on jeeps. The original chassis was composed of 4 such motors, gearboxes and their plastic wheels, screwed to a small piece of acrylic, with a Sabertooth 2×25 speed controller, an RC receiver for control and an 18volt 3ah Nicad pack for power. This set up had great torque and controllability, and was easily capable of skidding the wheels.

(original chassis)

Firebox’s control electronics and software are based heavily on Shane? “segstick” setup: an arduino and a 5dof breakout board from sparkfun?

(Photo of electronics)

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