Peggy Station Clock


Animated Pegboard Clock using 625 LEDs

Evil Mad Scientist, who make the Peggy 2 LED board ran a competition to design a clock using the Peggy. I proposed a subtly moving view of an analogue clock (borrowed from Victoria station in London) that follows the minute hand but shows enough of the face to see the hour hand too. I won the Peggy with my design, so decided to implement it.

It took me far too long to get it going but I have a sparkfun RTC DS1307 (dropping 5 minutes every month, avoid!) telling the [arduino compatible] onboard atmel the time. The code and image are all held in the IDE’s compilation of my probably pretty inefficient code, and it is on the limit of not working; One more variable and the stack hits the heap and it stops working.

Still, shows off what can be shown on a 25×25 2-bit greyscale display like the Peggy, and illuminates my living room enough to not stub my toes in the dark too! ….Simon


9 thoughts on “Peggy Station Clock

  1. Matt

    Any chance of you releasing the code for that? I’ve got a peggy 2, and would love a clock!

  2. Rick Gaitskell

    It would be marvelous if you could post the code, with a PayPal tag I you’d like a donation. It creates such a marvelous aesthetic. Rick

  3. Rick

    Simon , were you able to get your code off the old laptop disk? Many thanks for your efforts , Rick

  4. Rick Gaitskell

    Any luck getting the code for the Pegboard Clock? I would really like to get this great code running again.

  5. admin Post author

    I totally failed to reply when I dug this out, sorry for that.
    I have got a version of the code off an old USB key. It is now at:

    Note a change to the peggy2 library for DarkLine()

    Several points to note:
    1. This code has been rescued from my old laptop that suffered a hard drive failure. I found it on an old USB key, so I can’t guarrentee it is the latest (or even a working version) and I haven’t got a working cable to test it on Peggy.
    2. The DS1307 library I used doesn’t work anymore with arduino 1.0 onwards, in this upload I have commented all RTC code, so you need to enter the time in starttimemillis and it will run off the arduino’s crystal. Once again code is untested on peggy, but at least it compiles now! Do what you need to make it talk
    3. My code is not great, I’m a mechanical engineer and arduino is just a hobby.
    I’ll try to be more responsive in future, sorry again for the wait.

    Simon Jelley

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